Your Work Experience. Reimagined.

World's first entirely app-controlled, truly smart standing desk with more use modes than any other standing desk.

Discover sitting and standing experiences that will keep you more productive and healthy than ever.

Enjoy the desk with 4 patent-pending use modes.

Keep fit while getting important work done. All in one desk. Ergonomic style.

Control your desk entirely from your smartphone app.

Know your standing and sitting durations and calories burnt realtime.

Start work and let us remind you to sit and stand at regular intervals.

Share the standing desk with your family or colleagues, each with his unique customised experience.

Taking care of your health while you take care of your work.
3 Patents filed.
2 Years in the making.
42 Prototypes.
35 App versions.


Truly smart standing desk with no control panel. All your preferences saved in the cloud. Unique tailored experience for each user.

Set your schedule and go. Take care of your work, while we take care of your health.

Fitterdesk Series.

World's first truly smart standing desks.

Fitterdesk Series will be launched at CES 2020.

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