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Founder & CEO

An engineering graduate from Yanshan University, Sandy trained as an engineer before transitioning into technology leadership. She obtained a MBA from the National University of Singapore in 2002 and has over twenty years of leadership experience in the consumer electronics industry, first in the mobile phone industry then in smart fitness equipments and smart ergonomic furniture.

Eddy Guo Fitterlab

Eddy Guo

Head of Product Development and Design
Lee Li Fitterlab

Lee Li

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Jack Xu Fitterlab

Jack Xu

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Serre Zhai Fitterlab

Serre Zhai

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Simon Jiang Fitterlab

Simon Jiang

Head of Production and Manufacturing
Max Sun Fitterlab

Max Sun

Project Manager
Tom Liu Fitterlab

Tom Liu

Product Test Manager
Kevin Xu Fitterlab

Kevin Xu

Quality Assurance Engineer
CL LOH Fitterlab


Software Consultant
Hidayat Nur Fitterlab

Hidayat Nur

App Developer
Erwin Abdurachim Fitterlab

Erwin Abdurachim

App Developer
Tyron Zhang Fitterlab

Tyron Zhang

Supply Chain Engineer
James Yin Fitterlab

James Yin

Product Support Manager
Cindy Guo Fitterlab

Cindy Guo

Head of International Sales and Business Development
Peter Cui Fitterlab

Peter Cui

Head of Admin and HR
Shawn Xiao Fitterlab

Shawn Xiao

Purchasing Manager
Eileen Lv Fitterlab

Eileen Lv

Senior Designer
Helen Mu Fitterlab

Helen Mu

Finance Manager
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