Are standing desks really overrated? A response to the new york times article on sit stand desks

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A recent study by the British Psychological Society showed that prolonged sitting at your desk is not only bad for your physical health, but potentially your mental well-being.

The findings showed:

  • That those who sit for longer at work are more likely to sit outside of work.

  • A correlation between BMI scores and sitting time at work

  • That more time spent sitting at work was associated with a decrease in mental well-being.


The findings were a subset of a larger study looking at employee’s experiences of Occupational Health provision, over an 18 month period during 2009-2011.

The psychologists conducted an on-line and paper based survey with over 1000 employees measuring employee’s use and experiences of occupational health services and their physical activity levels.




A new survey from Fellowes also showed that:

  • 64% of UK office workers surveyed claimed that their office environment had a negative impact on their health.

  • 45% said that their employers didn’t offer the necessary tools and equipment to make them feel comfortable at their desks.

  • 45% said that they didn’t think their employer cared about their health and wellbeing in the workplace.

  • A staggering 85% claimed better ergonomic equipments such as sit-stand desks in the office would improve their wellbeing.

  • 25% believe that being uncomfortable at work means they ache at the end of the days.

  • 25% agreed that being uncomfortable at work makes them more unproductive.


A recent survey published by the British Medical Journal and experts from the University of Leicester studied 146 NHS staff and found that sit-stand desks helped to reduce sitting time and improved productivity.

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